FRJJ: Thanks to your interest. I have many projects ahead and you will see me again!!!!" [FRJJ response to THIS BLOG]
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you look damn ugly. nothing nice in you.. seriously UGLY! sucky!
you look damn ugly. nothing nice in you.. seriously UGLY! sucky!
I think you're HOT!!!
dear FRJJ:
I thnk you're great, but this person seems to think you're really really really great!




looking forward to seeing you more!
you think you are so blardy hot, go get a mirror and look at yourself real good. to start with you can't even speak english properly...have a reality check...want to make it internationally....HAH! i think the joke is on you, i feel sorry for you and your small village dream. oh, well, i guess its perfectly natural for a girl who is from a small village like you - pathetic. btw no one high waist jeans anymore.
stupid chinese girl. get a life ugly lard filled face.
books for your home library collection. Great books on books
omigod..! OMFG... FRJJ, u look like shit, u fat like pig, if only i can see u in person so that i can whack u till ur pussy ache! and wut else.. i think even a pile of cow dung looks better than u.. hey u ugly, shit face, fucking bastard, retarded smelly cunt, wif a pussy wretching face whore!
pls don say u r chinese, u retarded bitch! U ARE A DISGRACE TO THE CHINESE!
don't blog anymore, go find a donkey to fuck up ur shithole if u r too free. Ur blog will juz make ppl sick to death. it's even deadlier than the H5N1 chicken flu!
retarded bitch! "shi ba puo!" <-- this "han yue pin yin" for u in case u don understand a word of english i written here!
bloody bitch. its practically not your blog since you're not the one posting, and you're one of the assholes spreading porn. so much for an INTERNATIONAL FANSITE?!!? your english sucks so much i don't get a single sentence.
Facinating that you get so many ugly remarks and so much criticism.
I cant think of any other reason than it being low self esteem and envy from those posters that they dont get the same attention as you do. If they hate youre picture and think youre stupid they are even more stupid to waste time reading your blog. Personally I think you look really good. Sensual, mystical and with that inner glow.
So good luck to you, Im sure you will be allright!
you r beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! #1 in the world.
KIREI! ICHIBAN! most lovely lady i have seen in my life. japanese women love ur skin cos it is so fair and lovely.
u look like a common china prostitute please take a really good look at the mirror you dont even deserve the word ugly but something much more worse than that. china prostitutes like you are so alike well done fat biatch you honestly look like one wholesome piece of lump fat shyt goodness me! HAHA
u look like a common china prostitute please take a really good look at the mirror you dont even deserve the word ugly but something much more worse than that. china prostitutes like you are so alike well done fat biatch you honestly look like one wholesome piece of lump fat shyt goodness me! HAHA
Cool blog, interesting information... Keep it UP »
Sorry to hear too many bad critics about you.
芙蓉姐姐, I know you are overall considered pretty. *coughs*
But please, saying you until like model makes me wanna puke.
I found the website xiaxue's blog and was browsing...I have to say that she is very intelligent person..and very creative..she can be a famous rose..yet can prick with her thorns...I accidentally come to this site..and read about the dispute...

I know one party is feeling great and another ...i don't know..

Words can destroy a person's life or save it.
So...please use it with the intention to benefit others. Life is precious..everyone's. Everybody wants to live a life of happiness..we all don't want to be the person that is suffering..we all the same in feelings..what is agreeable or disagreeable..and life ends...
Please be kind to each other and forgive. Both are intelligent,talented and highly creative women with a lot of skills...so...please use it to benefit others...don't use it for selfish means...or hurt each other.
I saw one blooming like a rose..and I wish another continue blooming too..It is sad to either one die or meet with unfortune.

Amitabha Buddha
I don't know any of you..but..
may both of you be happy.
( I'm a young girl like you two)
um....actually...I have to apologize ...cuz I just happened to be browsing at 匿名 site...and he introduce xiaxue's blog...and I click..and then this...and accidentally...leave a comment with his name.? I don't know...how it happened...I click anonymous...but....Sorry! if you see this! My name is Mei and I live in Canada. I hope I bring no trouble to anyone.
If you think you're pretty that's fine with me even though you're so ugly I would love to know which village you came from so I can bomb it.

Just stop showing off. It's annoying. There's a difference between self-obsession, delusion and humility.
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u r d most ugly & thick faced girl i ever heard, u bring down d name of chinese ppl, stupid china old pathetic ego b1tch who gossip nonsense about malaysian blogger bcz u ride their name4ur fame. don u hv a mirror in d hse2check out ur fat disgustin face?or izit al broken evrytime u tk a look@it or mayb u cant even2hv1? shame on u, mkin us females reputation down2drain by al ur selfish&retard act. i feel so damn lucky nt2hv such desperado in my country.
Omg, try crusing Xiaxue. She is so much prettier than you. You are just a simple disgrace to chinese. Take a mirror and look at yourself.

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